Job Development

The most important part of any West Virginia business is the quality of its workforce, and we have several industries that will need an influx of new employees in the coming years.

To maximize job development opportunities, BIC encourages state leaders to address the following:

    • Tax Fairness — West Virginia has made substantial strides revising its state and local tax code to make West Virginia a better place in which to do business. WVBIC recommends that the West Virginia Legislature continue with its present policy of reasonable tax rates for businesses and individuals.
    • Regulatory Consistency — West Virginia business and industry programs are more stringent than their corresponding federal statutes and regulations as well as those of other states in several areas. We believe legislation and many existing laws and regulations should undergo a “federal conformity” test to ensure parity where appropriate.
    • Economic Impact Assessment — Every West Virginia business will benefit from a more deliberate and methodical legislative process. Legislation creating an “Economic Impact Statement” would provide information about any net immediate and long-term effect each bill would have on commerce and jobs in West Virginia.
    • Education Progress — West Virginia must produce graduates who are ready for the 21st Century workforce. To that end, BIC supports modernization to the state’s public education system that will improve student achievement and encourage critical thinking skills that will prepare them for West Virginia’s job market.

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